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Drivers in Switzerland who spot a winged man dressed in white at the side of the road shouldn’t be alarmed – it’s not a vision, it’s a guardian angel.

Police in the state of Fribourg have hired the professional actor to deter motorists from speeding.

The ‘road angel’, who forms part of a safe-driving campaign, will wave and flap his wings at motorists travelling too fast.

He’s the real-life version of an angel that features in the initiative’s TV commercials who is hit by a young motorist as he hurriedly drives out of his garage. The advert advises heavy-footed drivers to ‘Slow Down. Take It Easy’.

‘The idea is to provide a sort of concrete protection, to have a real angel telling drivers to be responsible,’ Benoît Dumas, a Fribourg police spokesman, said.

‘To have a physical presence like that makes the message more visible, and it’s out of the ordinary.’