A Swedish-Norwegian co-production is close to completing its recruitment drive for a team of 70 hairy, naked extras to fill the backdrop of a new movie to film in Trollhättan in June.

As the film is shot in the seventies the cast will be required to reflect the follically resplendent era, with an abundance of head and body hair a prerequisite for willing recruits.

“The extras need to feel comfortable about being naked and preferably have long hair,” said casting director Fredrik Fornänger.

Fornänger reports that despite the unfashionable physiological demands, national television coverage has ensured that a large number of people have been in touch to show an interest in the project.

“We are still looking for people, we have about 55 extras and need 15 more. The response has been very positive from the people who have contacted me,” said Fornänger.

The mass of frolicking retro flesh is set to be exposed during two days of filming in June at undisclosed Trollhättan beach location.