Famous urban artists and mural art painter Os Gêmeos, Blu and Sam3 recently painted the facade of two abandoned houses in Lisbon.

 It’s an amazing huge mural artwork, four urban artists recently created in Lisbon! Os Gêmeos, whose graffiti art exhibition is still running, Blu, who was lately in Wroclaw and Sam3, whose new book was published several month ago, came together to paint the facade of two abandoned old houses in Lisbon’s city.


All four artists – for those of you who are new: Os Gêmeos are twins – are internationally well-known for their unique style, beautiful artworks and large-scale mural artworks. For this reason it’s just breathtaking to see them painting together. Additionally it is – like every time – incredible to see how they manage it to paint those huge artworks…



You’ll notice that the man sucking the globe wears a crown adorned with oil company logos. The piece is timely considering what’s going on in the Gulf of Mexico.



Via Unearth Strreet Art and Urban Artcore