ISS crossing paths with Jupiter

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks for amateur astronomers. Last Sunday, one of their ilk spied the super-secret X37-B space shuttle making the rounds, and this Sunday another has imaged the ISS crossing paths with Jupiter—during the daytime!


Of course, Jupiter is about 356 million miles from Earth, and the ISS is roughly 250 miles, but this still makes for an incredibly cool little image. Did I mention it was taken at 9:00 a.m. yet? Well, it was.

Then there’s this next image, showing the military’s X37-B in orbit. We knew amateur astronomers had done this already, but last weekend we lacked any kind of media. Well here it is:


It’s a bit grainy, so the rudimentary graphic serves to help decipher what’s going on in the image. We’re looking top-down, with the “flyswatter” solar panel extended and visible.

And here’s Jupiter, Europa, Io and Ganymede during the day, just for kicks:


Via Gizmodo