Sony’s Lifelogging glasses

The thought police have finally arrived. These prototype Lifelogging glasses from Sony Computer Science Laboratories take the idea of recording your life to an entirely new and potentially frightening level.


Going far beyond simply recording whatever is out in front of you, the Sony version uses sensors to detect your eye’s position, and can single out the object in your field of vision that you’re actually focused on. It can even “read” and copy into text any English words that you’re looking at, and future plans include adding GPS logging to record where you were at any given time.

This possibilities of this technology are pretty mind-boggling. For gamers, you could have an interface where simply looking at your adversaries would aim your fire. But imagine the consequences if a divorce lawyer could prove you were constantly checking out the hot babes while walking with your wife. Any last shred of privacy is basically out the window when you’re using this technology.

Of course you could simply take them off, but then you’d no longer be lifelogging.

Via Dvice