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A new market is born!
A young mother has come up with a novel way of earning some extra cash while on maternity leave – by selling her breast milk online. Cash-strapped Toni Ebdon, 26, gave birth earlier this year and found herself producing more than enough milk for baby boy David.

A friend joked that she was producing so much extra milk that Toni could open her very own dairy. So she turned to the internet in a bid to offer expectant mothers who could not produce their own milk the chance to use hers.

But Toni was stunned when her only customers turned out to be men – who use the milk for its healing properties. Studies have shown breast milk can be used to maintain general good health and could even be a miracle cure for adult illnesses including cancer, diarrhoea and diabetes.

Toni, of Exeter, Devon, now has ten regular customers, who she charges £15 for 4oz of breast milk. She said: ”I was expecting women who couldn’t breast feed to get in touch but instead all the responses were from men.”

via Arbroath