Con/Fiber: Translucent Concrete

What happens when you mix plastic fiber-optic tubes with concrete? You get a wall that’s translucent, but it’s as solid and heavy as concrete. Architect Kengo Kuma used this stuff to build a weirdly see-through wall that’s part of an art installation he calls Con/Fiber. (Video)


You can see the silhouettes of people standing on the other side of these weird walls that seem to defy the laws of physics. The plastic fibers are placed throughout the concrete, built in a stratified process that looks a lot like lasagna. First demonstrated last year, it’s now featured in a new installation at Israel’s Design Museum Holon.


Next, we’d like to see this guy construct an entire building out of this stuff, resulting in (sort of) a glass house where you could throw all the stones you want. Look at this video shot at last year’s installation:



Via Dvice