Continue Time

So how do you convince people to keep buying wall clocks when nearly every single gadget they carry can show them the time? Well one way is to turn it into a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture like the Continue Time clock created by Sander Mulder. The inspiration for the design actually came after an office clock fell to the floor, dislodging the minute and second hands, which is kind of how the Continue Time works. The hour hand remains connected to the ‘center’ of the clock face, but the minute hand extends from the end of the hour hand while the second hand extends from the end of the minute hand. So in the product shot above the clock is actually showing the time as 3:54:32. The video below kind of helps you to understand the movements, but more importantly it shows the clock in motion. (Video)


And while it has ‘one-off concept’ written all over it, the Continue Time clock is actually being produced in a limited run of 40 pieces. But since you have to contact the studio for a quote if you’re interested, you can safely assume that affordability is not at the top of its feature list.

Continue Time – kinetic artwork / functional clock from Sander Mulder on Vimeo.

Via Oh Gizmo!