VW BUG exteriornight

All In One Beetle Package

The personal home, a project that began in 2003 is a 900 square foot, 3 story livable home inspired by the Bug, by builder Markus Voglreiter . The 36 year old master builder spent £750,000 to create the 3 story structure which is based on the original Beetle produced by Porsche in 1935.This unusual homage to the VW Beetle, not only exists as a personal residence built in 2003, but inspired a larger version four years later that is now a restaurant and bar by the same builder.

I’ve never wanted to live in a car but Voglereiter’s house and reataurant may have changed my mind. The photos are fabulous…




 VW Bug  Place extterrace

The Car Restaurant seats 300 and has room for 350 on the outside terraces.

VW Bug TheCarBar

Inside the car bar.

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Markus Voglreiter