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Would you eat jam made with Princess Diana’s hair?
Jam made with Princess Diana’s hair has sparked a storm after going on sale at an exhibition. The milk preserve contains a speck of her locks – bought from a dealer on online auction site eBay – which has been soaked in gin. It sold out at a surrealist show at London’s Barbican and could soon be on supermarket shelves after attracting the attention of top retailers.

But it should also come as no surprise that  the jam has angered Diana supporters…

Joan Berry, a member of the Diana Circle who honour her memory, said: “These guys are obviously just trying to make money out of Diana’s name. “It’s ridiculous. What would William and Harry think?” Makers Bompas & Parr have defended the product, part of their Occult Jam range.
Sam Bompas said: “It started out as jam as art, taking something mundane and turning it into something fun which tastes good. The idea behind it was to give people a little bit more than the pot of jam they normally have at the breakfast table. We chose Princess Diana because she has a real resonance.

“She’s one of those interesting, vivacious figures in contemporary culture, like Kennedy. She’s also very universal. Some people might view it as a bit sick but that’s the point of it in a way. Hopefully, it’s provocative enough for people to ask what they are actually putting in their mouths.”