coke460_1672155c trophy
The World Cup football trophy made of cocaine.    (Photo: AP)

Airports anti-drug chief Col Jose Piedrahita says that Colombian authorities found the unusual statue during a routine security check by anti-drug agents Friday in a mail warehouse at Bogota’s international airport.

The 36 cm (14 inch) statue was inside a box headed for Madrid, Spain. The statue was painted gold with green stripes on the base.

Mr Piedrahita said that laboratory tests confirmed the cup was made of 11 kilos (24 pounds) of cocaine mixed with acetone or gasoline to make it moldable.


In another development, Drug Enforcement Administration helped Ecuador seize a submarine capable of transporting tons of cocaine.

DEA officials said that the diesel electric-powered submarine was built in a remote jungle and captured near a river close to the Ecuador-Colombia border. Ecuadorean authorities seized the sub before it could make its maiden voyage.

The sophisticated camouflaged vessel has a conning tower, periscope and air-conditioning system. It measured about nine feet (three meters) high from the deck plates to the ceiling and stretched nearly a 100 feet (31 meters) long. The DEA says it was built for trans-oceanic drug trafficking.

One person has been taken into custody.