ThruVision can see through clothes without radiation.

With full body scanners people have two big concerns: the amount of harmful radiation involved, and if it will reveal the details of one’s body. A company called ThruVision is demoing a next-gen system that’s radiation-free and doesn’t give anything away.



Instead of trying to simply see you sans clothes — a concept that’s made it necessary for same-sex body-scanning operators — the ThruVision TS4 is only looking for your body heat. It may sound simple, but consider that right now at airports, courthouses and the like, you’re just walking through a simple metal detector.

Contraband such as a weapon or some kind of concealed explosive would show up as dark spots using the TS4, but the shape of the body would be one multicolored blur (which eliminates the need for same-sex operators) and there’s no radiation involved.

Sure, it’s not as cool as Total Recall-style skeletons walking around, but it’d far improve today’s systems, and the TS4 system is more portable than a bolted-down metal detector and can be deployed discreetly.

Via Dvice