iPod 543

Technology Triumphs

A 12-year-old girl in South St. Paul, Minnesota used a WiFi-enabled iPod to thwart multiple attempts by Raymond Cesmat, her mother’s ex-boyfriend, to rape her.

According to TwinCities.com, the pre-teen was home alone with Cesmat, 42, who took her cell phone from her, allegedly to keep her from “texting all night.” Cesmat left her bedroom after a first attempt at sexual assault, then returned…

Her attacker came back, Fox9 writes:

Cesmat entered the room and tried to take off the girl’s pants, but she kicked and screamed for him to leave. When he left the room, the girl grabbed her iPod, logged on to Facebook and found Cesmat’s daughter online, sending her a message to call her mom immediately and tell her to come to the house.


After he left, the girl blocked the door to her room using a dresser, climbed out of the window, and ran to a nearby gas station, where she phoned her mother, who was en route to pick up the tween.

Cesmat, whom police later found with scratches and cuts on his stomach, arms, and hand, was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. He was being held in a Dakota County jail, where he committed suicide.