baby crying

New parents miss 6 months’ of sleep in two years.

Parents of new babies miss out on six months worth of sleep in the first two years of their child’s life, according to a study.  Most get less than four hours uninterrupted rest a night because of crying offspring.


They suffer a huge sleep debt, leading to mood swings, depression, arguments and even relationship break-ups.

Most adults need at least five hours of uninterrupted sleep every 24 hours to function properly and some need as much as eight hours.

But almost two thirds (64%) of parents with babies and under-twos get just three-and three-quarters hours, according to a study for Silentnight beds. That’s just 75% of the minimum recommended length of uninterrupted sleep.

And some very unlucky parents – 12% of those surveyed – get less than two-and-a-half hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

Over the course of two years, and even accounting for regular power-naps, that means the majority of mothers and fathers miss out on six months sleep.

More than 1,000 parents were quizzed by researchers earlier this month for Silentnight beds, to mark National Love Your Bed Week.

Via Telegraph