Farting just got a lot more fun!
Instructables author Schmidtn has come up with one of the most amazing projects we have come across. Hilarious and smelly results are guaranteed if you get it all built correctly.
“OK, I know that sounds weird, but bear with me for a moment.  My Pops really enjoys two things; 1) channel surfing and 2) farting. 
So one day I was over at hackaday.com and read about a guy who used his Arduino to turn a TV on and off with one of those brainwave reading headsets.  Then later on that same day I was here at Instructables and a fellow had made an office chair that twitters every time he farted.  So, I got to thinking and decided to mash those two hacks into one remote that changes the TV to a random channel every time he tutes! 
Plus, if you throw it in a plastic enclosure and hide it between the couch cushions; you’ve got a purdy dang good prank!”
(video of device in action after jump…)