longest-tongue 2345

Is he an honorary member of KISS now too?

Nick Afanasiev, 20, has the longest tongue in the United States, and Fox 5 San Diego has video of Nick twisting it around, licking his elbow and using it to text message.

Nick’s tongue measures 3.5 inches from the middle of his closed top lip to the tip, Fox 5 reports.

(uncomfortable video after the jump…)


The video is so uncomfortable. Here’s a few of the most awkward moments:

  • The female reporter jumbles Nick’s last name, then tells him she’s “more fascinated with his tongue” anyway.
  • Nick wiggles his tongue for the camera, and the reporter says, “That’s a long tongue” – and the entire exchange feels unsuitable for television.
  • Nick says other boys tell him, “All the girls are going to love you.” The reporter cuts him off before he can elaborate.
  • The reporter asks Nick: “Can I measure it?” And I die.
  • When Nick sticks his tongue out to have it measured, the reporter laughs and says, “Gosh Nick.” And you get the feeling it isn’t the first time Nick has heard it.

(The sequence of the it all – “Can I measure it?” and “Gosh Nick” – is really too much to fathom.)

I … I mean … I just … this is too much. There’s too much happening in the video to really … I mean, it goes without saying that everyone is thinking the same thing when Nick wiggles his tongue, right?

I can just imagine the post-news conversation a mother had to have with her son Tuesday: “Mom, why would girls like boys with long tongues.”