Bear rescuing cub from fishing net.

This gives the term “bear hug” a whole new meaning. You will appreciate the frightened embrace mama bear gives her young one after watching this video of a mother bear rescuing her cub from a fishing net, with the help of an Alaskan fisherman. (Video)


When Dane Havard and a friend came home from a fishing trip, they found a mother trying to free one of her cubs that had entangled itself in a fishing net in a small stream running behind Havard’s place. The two men had the courage to help the bear, and the sense to get stunning amateur video of the dramatic events:


Apparently, before the video began, the fishermen realized that their rescue attempts were futile in the tall reeds along the creek. The video begins with the baby bear being pulled out of the brush, crying out in fear and uncertainty, as mama bear gallops alongside. Most bear attacks on humans occur when someone comes upon a bear cub; the aggressive lunges mama bear makes in defense of her progeny emphasize how dangerous such encounters can be.

The key to the successful rescue appears to be the fisherman’s realization that pinning the net down will enable the mother bear’s efforts to chew or claw through the net to succeed. Although moving in on the net at first frightens mama bear back, she returns to finish the job. A second cub cranes its head from the sidelines, wondering exactly what is going on.

Finally, mama bear untangles her cub and hustles it off. Perhaps we are anthropomorphizing, but as mama bear dodges back into the brush, it appears that she celebrates the success of the rescue by giving her recovered cub a firm embrace. A bear hug. Awwww.

Via Treehugger