Cyglo bike tires

Cyglo bike tires are the pimped-out equivalent of spinners for bikes. They have LEDs embedded into the rubber which will glow in a perfect circle of light as the wheels turn, making you safe but also making you look awesome/stupid as you ride.


The design, patented in the US and the UK by inventor James Tristram, is powered by the spinning of the wheel itself. The big question about the Cyglo Tyre (it’s English, hence the spelling) is whether putting LEDs directly onto a tire-tread is a good idea. They’d last fine in the sidewall (on of the planned positions) but in the actual road-contacting center, surely the hard lights would eventually get scraped to death? Or perhaps not, if they were recessed far enough that they only touch asphalt when the tire is bald and needs replacing anyway.

These are certain to be pricey, which excludes the perfect market: fixed-gear riders who love to pretty-up their machines. Because it is so damned cool to ride without brakes, the fixster must skid his way through at least a tire a month just to be accepted by his peers. Add in the lights, and things could get expensive.

Via Wired