A fly’s head under a scanning electron microscope.

Ever wondered what something looks like under a scanning electron microscope? You’ve got to see it to believe it.

ASPEX is the world’s only SEM Elemental Analysis company that allows anyone to send in their sample to get scanned by an SEM.  Ever wonder what something looks like up close? Really close? (Pics)


Most people have seen objects under a standard optical microscope, but few have seen what something looks like under a more powerful magnifying instrument. ASPEX, makers of the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), continues  their successful  “Send Us Your Sample” campaign, encouraging science geeks, educators, students and anyone else to send in samples to be scanned by one of their PSEMs. 



Anyone interested in having an item scanned can simply fill out the submission form and send in a sample for analysis, free of charge.






The submission process is simple:

1.  Download and print this form from the ASPEX website.
2. Fill out the form and mail it along with the sample they want scanned to:

ASPEX Corporation
Free Sample Submissions
175 Sheffield Dr.
Delmont, PA 15626

3. Once ASPEX has completed the scan, the images and report will be posted on ASPEX’s website here.

Note: It should take about 2 weeks for the results to post to the ASPEX website, and ASPEX will notify submitters via email. If you want your samples returned, please say so on your submission form.

Because of the huge success ASPEX has had with  “Send Us Your Sample” campaign … they are asking everyone to help them NAME THAT sample!  The ASPEX  campaign, “Name That Sample” is where they put up a sample on their blog and the winner who guesses the right answer, or closest, receives a brand new Netbook!  No strings attached.  

week 7

Week 7  – Feel free to drop a guess Name That Sample! 

Via Aspex