sharpie erase 333

Go Go Gadget Sharpie!

Well folks, it’s finally happened: mechanical pencils and markers are breeding. What’s next, paperclip/staple orgies? NOT IN MY DESK DRAWER! Haha, like I have a desk!

Sharpie has combined the permanence of a pen with the erasability of a pencil with their new Liquid Pencil. The “ink” inside this pen is a liquid graphite that stays erasable for three days. After that, it turns to ink and stays permanent…

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If you’re thinking, “holy shit, how can I use this to forge documents and steal from old ladies?” you are! Well — did you come up with anything? Oh, OH — I’ve got it!:

Please sign below to claim your bingo prize.X ________________________________


Then after they sign it we erase all the writing and replace it with, “All your property are belong to us”. BOOM — we’re rich! But just in case, plan B: you club them with a sockful of Buckyballs and I steal the money from under their mattresses.

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