So, as we mentioned previously, JetBlue flight attendant Steve Slater had had enough after 28 years of rude passengers. So he got on the intercom, cussed out the woman who swore at him, and quit his job. After grabbing two beers, he opened the emergency slide to the jetliner to exit the plane. Slater then drove home and was having sex at the time that police arrived to arrest him.

He’s become something of a working class hero, and Geekosystem has compiled eight tributes that artists and singers across the Internet have created to honor him…

“The Ballad of Steven Slater”

Our favorite. MetaFilter users Astro Zombie (words) and cortex (arrangement) collaborated on this balladic celebration, which manages to rhyme “Slater” with “debate her,” “inflater,” and (most impressively) “circumnavigator.” Excerpt:

There was a particular day
And a particular customer
Who grew abusive to Steven
when he instructed her
She was endangering herself
And he didn’t care to debate her
And all at once she struck his head
She struck at Steven Slater

Some will say he made a scene
Or it was a crime
But Steven he had had enough
And if he has to, he’ll do time
Perhaps it’s great to keep your cool
But sometimes it is greater
To bid one final fuck you too
As did Steven Slater

You can listen to the song here


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