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3D Money from Somalia
A recent Report showed that the people of America hate the dollar coin. This inspired us to do some research into some of the worlds most bizarre legal coinage to see if we could find some inspirational design alternatives for the dollar coin. We’ve compiled a list of the most bizarre coins from all around the world!
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Man With a Massive Sword – The Battle of Grunwald, Palau

Palau is a former German colony and this coin commemorates the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, which was the largest medieval battle ever. The coins are silver plated, each has a unique proof-colour finished picture, with each reverse side showing the Palau crest of arms.


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Coin with Actual Piece of Concorde Heat Shield in it, Tristan da Cunha

This coin celebrated the 20th anniversary of Concorde in 2009, it’s gold plated and each coin produced contained a tiny piece of Concorde’s titanium alloy heat shield, collect them all and build your own miniature Concorde!


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Easter Island Pop Up Head, Cook Islands

The famous head stones of Easter Island come to life with this celebratory coin, the gold plated ‘Moai’ can be put upright to give your coinage collection a new dimension. Legend says that the ancient stone heads each are powered by a single immortal hamster turning a wheel inside each stone statue.



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Green Money, Benin

Green money but not the normal kind. Benin have released this Marijuana coin, though it contains none of the “herbal remedy”, it does come with a special scent. If you try smoking this then you must already be well baked.


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