godgrilla 1

We’re already into the world where all things big is good. Adding to the strength here is 31-year-old Jack Henriques owner Bespoke BBQ Company, who’s built what can supposedly be dubbed the world’s largest “fixed” barbecue grill. (Pics)


Unless you have a lavish bank balance and a monstrous appetite, this BBQ grill may not be for you, for this consumes 14 bags of coal to ignite up to 500 degrees centigrade, to cook 1,000 sausages and 500 hamburgers simultaneously. Fixed onto a big truck the barbeque measures 16-feet across and weighs a whopping 2 ton. The BBQ isn’t all that wise a pick for the backyard parties, but you want to cook seven whole lambs at once, then I bet God-grilla is what you’ll need.



Via Gizmowatch