Mineral House

This striking micro home in Japan is an amazing example of efficient design for small-space living. Designed by Tokyo-based Atelier Tekuto, the faceted three-story home is located on a small corner lot near the center of Tokyo. Abstractly titled “Reflection of Mineral”, the home is a study in small spaces, simple finishes, and daylighting through the use of transparent and opaque surfaces that suffuse the interior with light. (Pics)


Compared to other micro homes in Japan, this three-story, 474 sq ft home could actually be considered quite accommodating. For much of the Western world however, it is still small by comparison. It’s a worthwhile study in design to see how all the necessary amenities can be contained in such a small space — especially considering that the home’s faceted and angled facade does not even take full advantage of its available building area.


The abstract expression ‘Mineral’ and ‘Reflection’ guided the home’s design process and the form of the building. Large skylights look in on the top floor and whole facets become transparent windows. Light filters down from higher windows through spaces in the floors along walls and reflects off surfaces to improve daylighting. The kitchen consists of a simple sink, counter top, small range, shelf, vent and mini refrigerator, and the bathroom is neat, contained steel room.




Via Inhabitat