microsoft 1

Microsoft employees celebrate release of Windows Phone 7.

These people work at Microsoft. To celebrate the release to manufacturing of Windows Phone 7—which means it’s now market-ready—they took the streets carrying a dead giant iPhone and BlackBerry, followed by a parade. Update: And they danced Thriller. (Video)



The parade of employees in costume featured all kinds of zombies, clowns, and women in pink and/or transvestites:

microsoft 2

It all looked like a lot fun until the naked angel in the jacuzzi showed up:

microsoft 3

Then it got even funnier.

Apart from adding naked valkyrias riding on unicorns, I personally can’t think of any better way to begin a new mobile era at Redmond. That said, congratulations are in order to all Microsoft workers! You officially have embarrassed and freaked us all at the same time. For sure, now we are definitely going to ditch our iPhones and BlackBerries to get your new cellphone.

Via Gizmodo