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Vine breaking galia melons now supported with bra power
Fruity farmer Rowie Meers has found the perfect way to support her giant melons – using old bras. Rowie Meers, 45, came up with the idea after her crop of galia melons grew so big they threatened to break the vines they grow on. After experimenting with a number of techniques, she realised the answer was quite literally right under her nose…

Rowie discovered that DD bras are perfect to support a pair of juicy water melons as they grow. She launched an appeal for unwanted bras and customers have already donated 40 garments to her business, Purton House Organics near Swindon, Wilts. Mother-of-three Rowie said: ”We had such a fantastic crop of galia melons and I was struggling to stop them swinging too low.

”We needed something to suspend them. My eureka moment came as I looked down the answer was under my nose. I thought let’s use bras because they suspend my melons very well, so let’s use them for this.” Rowie, who only started growing galia melons this year, said: ”My own cup was not really big enough to hold the melons – so we asked our customers to send in their bras.

”We’ve been sent all kinds – from padded to lacy. We appreciate their support in more ways than one – especially the double D cups. It does make my polytunnel of melons look a bit odd, but it’s great fun. I’ve even considered using it as a chat up line!”