electrocuted bear

A 600 pound Brown Bear met his unfortunate demise when he tore open a utility box and bit into a live utility wire in Alaska’s Kincaid Park. (Pics)


The electrocuted bear was found by a child riding her bike on a trail in the northern part of the park. The bear found at Kincaid Park was a healthy adult male that was estimated at about 600 pounds.  Age was not estimated because it’s teeth were burned from the electrocution.

electrocuted bear 1

The bear first ripped off a three foot high protective box where he found two wires about the thickness of vacuum cords.  It appeared that the bear was electrocuted instantly when he bit into the wires.  According to Chugach Electric Association spokesman Phil Steyer, the bear bit into 5,000 volts of electricity.  He said the aparatus most likely belonged to the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport who owns the land where the bear was found.

electrocuted bear 2

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Via Snopes.com