electric shop keeper 4567
Want to relieve yourself in front of John O’Connor’s shop? Urine for a shock of your life. 

Tired of having his property urinated upon by drunken revelers, the peeved shopkeeper decided to take the laws into his own hands with a measure so drastic it’s shocking:

A shopkeeper who is fed up of drunken revellers urinating beside his store plans to give them the shock of their lives by wiring up an electric current to the pavement.

John O’Connor said he could no longer put up with his premises being used as an outdoor toilet by a steady stream of late-night partygoers…

‘If anybody persists and continues with the anti-social behaviour they’ll get a shock, they’ll know all about it,’ he warned today.

Just a little am”pee”rage? What could possibly go wrong? (Got any more puns? I’m all tapped out)




(Photo: Eamon Ward)