Want to stay connected above 10,000 feet but don’t want to pay the premium? Here’s how to get in-flight Wi-Fi at a discount or even completely free…


Home and technology blog Unplggd offers a few tips on grabbing in-flight Wi-Fi on the cheap. The obvious suggestions are Googling coupon codes (or checking RetailMeNot) and buying in packages (you can cut out up to 35% this way), but it turns out you can grab a free Wi-Fi pass pretty easily through promotions. If you’re renting a car, booking a travel package, or just getting a parking spot near the airport, there are often promotions to get a free in-flight Wi-Fi pass. Just call and ask.

Here’s a bonus, semi-evil tip for getting a discount without any codes: identify your laptop’s browser user agent as a mobile phone (Firefox/Chrome). When you fly, Wi-Fi for mobile phones is usually a few dollars cheaper than it is for bigger devices like a laptop or even a tablet. If you identify your web browser as a mobile phone when you sign up, you’ll pay the lower price. Once the sign up is complete, you can switch back and browse normally.