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Commercial Space Station (CSS) – module could house tourists, researchers or astronauts needing refuge; could be ready by 2015-2016

A trip to space is still big on the list of the uber-rich, and the latest news from the space tourism industry is the announcement of the world’s first commercial space station by two Russian aerospace companies – Orbital Technologies and Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (RSC Energia). They say that private citizens, professional crews and corporate researchers could use the station. The Commercial Space Station (CSS) is to be built with space-certified elements, modules and technologies of the highest standards. The station will have a crew capability of up to seven people. Orbital Technologies chief executive Sergey Kostenko said… (Pics)


Once launched and operational, the CSS will provide a unique destination for commercial, state and private spaceflight exploration missions. We look forward to working with corporate entities, state governments and private individuals from around the world.


The estimated cost hasn’t been revealed, but the Commercial Space Station is expected to launch by 2016. The announcement has come as a straight competition for Las Vegas-based Bigelow Aerospace as they plan to have a commercial space station ready by 2015.