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Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISS) a featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

Adaptive Ink’s Continuous Ink Supply Systems (commonly referred to CISSs or CIS systems) are quality systems, designed for business or home office use, but priced competitively with CISSs from China. Once installed, color printing costs are reduced dramatically – providing a penny-per-page color ink solution. The ink tanks are completely sealed, so ink chemistry is protected for years. Our CISSs and tanks are available in various volumes (the largest set providing over 38,000 color pages per ISO/IEC 24711). Installing a new tank is as simple as installing a typical printer cartridge.


If you own a typical inkjet printer, you know how fast you can empty the typical ink cartridge and how fast ink costs can add up. A CISS is the best solution for reducing the costs of inkjet printing..

 A CISS provides a continuous ink supply to the printer from external ink tanks that range in size from two to greater than 100 times the volume of a standard inkjet cartridge.

  • They utilize clear, rigid ink tanks with breather holes. While cosmetically appealing, this exposes the ink to air and sunlight which evaporates, oxidizes, and degrades the chemistry of the ink. This can also promote an organic algae-like growth in the ink that clogs tubing and print heads.
  • The ink tank capacities are only two to ten times the standard ink cartridge.

All of Adaptive Ink’s products utilize an air-tight, light-proof bladder that collapses as the ink exits the tank. The bladder prevents “vacuum lock” without requiring breather holes. This eliminates ink evaporation, contamination, oxidation, and organic growth – preserving the color and molecular composition of the ink. This enables the ink in their tanks to remain chemically stable in excess of five years.

Adaptive Ink’s products are manufactured in the United States. They have attempted to completely eliminate waste and operate as a “green” company.

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