Jim Killock from the UK Open Rights Group says, “Late last week, staff at Consumer Focus in the UK heard that they are facing the sack, as the government has decided to abolish them to save ‘waste’. Only this is the public body charged with protecting consumers against things like energy pricing rip-offs and the Digital Economy Act. Last year, Consumer Focus briefed Lords and MPs alongside human rights campaigners Liberty and the Open Rights Group, telling government that cutting people off the Internet without a fair trial would be – yes – bad for consumers. The reward for their sage advice is to face the axe. Consumers don’t need protection, apparently, and government does not think it needs advice about consumers…

No, private organizations can write policy briefings and conduct consumer research, if they think something is so important. That’s what the record labels do, isn’t it? That’s very helpful. Other consumer protection agencies are also facing the chop as well: the Office of fair Trading, which takes companies to court for ripping off customers, are also going to be closed. Outraged citizens are already organising to tell their MPs that these plans are stark, raving mad: they think Consumer Focus and the Office of Fair Trading do an essential job.”

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via Boing Boing