Easy come, easy go?

Everybody is used to see old dinosaur bones like fossils, but have you ever seen a joystick in that form? Christopher Locke wanted to show how today’s technology has improved so that “old” technology like cassettes, Nintendo and floppy disks are almost extinct. Today you can hardly find a computer that supports floppy disks, and have you seen a cassette in the music shops lately? Every piece of technology is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep updated. Every year there are thousands of new products out on the market…


 We could hardly get used to the iphone 3 before the iphone 4 was produced. The fossils of Locke’s work are a symbol of how fast technology is developing. Locke made these art pieces by hand in collaboration with a local computer and electronics recycling program. He also ensures that there was no e-waste from his art work. Other of his fossil objects is the “old telephone”, cassette player and joysticks.




via PlanetOddity