Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

Loyal2Me offers the industry’s first consumer-controlled, multi-media advertising experience, giving them complete privacy from the businesses that use Loyal2Me for branding, advertising, marketing and event nofitification.


What’s a Personal Loyalty Program?

  • Loyal2.Me Personal Loyalty Programs are the end of old-fashioned “business loyalty(?)” programs
  • Business loyalty programs force you to join and anagme multiple memberships with dozens of independent accounts
  • A Loyal2.Me Personal Loyalty Program gives you one place to control every business you want to hear from
  • Businesses apply to be accepted to your private Loyal2.Me Network. You control who is in your program
  • Loyal2.Me business “friends” send personalized and timely offers and discounts on your favorite   products/services
  • You control the number, timing & content and method of delivery of all offers from each “loyal” business
  • No more loyalty cards to carry around!
  • Businesses in your Loyal2.Me Network compete to exceed your expectations for value/savings

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