Telephones including cellphones, are one of the biggest collectors and spreaders of germs.

Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase:  The Handsfree Sani-PhoneTM is a completely handsfree telephone system that operates through motion sensor(s) and voice activated features and is adaptable to a variety of different environments. Features include voice activated dialing, voice activated volume control, connected call duration, a camera and screen, microphones, and dual speakers.


The Handsfree Sani-PhoneTM includes an LCD panel where the user is able to select the method of conversation including private, semi-private, or conferencing.

Private Calling:
With the Private Calling, the audio can be muted, and utilize video and text on the LCD screen and voice-to-text capability.

Semi-Private Calling:
With the Semi-Private calling, the volume and video reception can be adjusted, with optionalvoice-to-text capability.

Conference Calling:
With the Conference Calling, currently established methods of telephone company relays would be used with the voice and motion commands.

1) Sani-PhoneTM Booth Unit:
Public and Commercial version

Existing phone booths are filthy and contaminated with germs. When using public phones, people worry about the spread of infectious diseases through germs, bacteria, or viruses on the dial pad, handset, particularly on the mouth and ear pieces. These days, the unsanitary nature of public phones are a major hindrance to their use by a majority of the public. Yet due to poor cellphone reception in many areas, public phones are still needed in many instances, especially in emergencies.

The Handsfree Sani-Phone BoothTM is a premium high end phone booth for people who worry about contamination and who are willing to pay a premium price to use a completely handsfree, sanitary phone booth. It features a distinctive design with a futuristic tubular shaped, acrylic, see-through, soundproof booth which is well lighted.

These specialty phone booths will be located within secure public areas like airports, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, etc. in addition to well lighted, protected areas such as 24/7 Seven Eleven stores in middle, working class neighborhoods as well as wealthier neighborhoods where they can be easily maintained, and where they’re less likely to be vandalized.

Utilizing special software that is voice activated, and that works with the special hardware, upon approaching the phone booth, if somebody is already inside using the phone, the sensors activate a voice command, for example, “The Sani-Phone booth is in use. Please wait a minute, thank you.” Once the previous person leaves, the sliding door automatically opens, and when the person enters the booth, closes behind him/her. The system then asks whether the call is local or long distance, what number they would like to call, verifies the number, payment method, etc.

These phone booths are also programmed for use in emergencies, responding to words like help, 911, police, fire, emergency and automatically dialing 911. They have a global tracking system which pinpoints their location for instant deployment of emergency help.

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