silver beetle 1

These amazing silver beetles can be found in Costa Rica,  and were photographed by Frenchman Roland Seitre.

They look like tiny toys you’d find in a Christmas cracker – but these incredible silver beetles are the real deal. The shell of extraordinary futuristic-looking creatures, which measure around an inch in length, dazzles in the stunning metallic color. (Pics)


And, with their feet a snazzy purple, they make for an extraordinary sight.

The funny-looking beetles were snapped by professional photographer Roland Seitre in the mountain region of Costa Rica, Central America.

The 52-year-old, who lives in France, said he had seen the bizarre bug as a specimen in a museum before but had never spotted them in the wild.

sliver beetle 2

He explained: ‘It was astonishing – their pure metallic colour made them look like a toy or something from outer space.

‘I spotted them one evening as they were drawn to a light I had turned on and I was lucky enough to get a photograph of them the next day.’

He added: ‘They’re an interesting species, I don’t know how they got their incredible colour.

silver beetle

‘There are others that are metallic green, some that are white like porcelain and one variety is even golden in colour.

‘I’ve seen a species on display in a museum once but before going to Costa Rica I had not seen any in the wild.

‘I was incredibly happy that I had the opportunity to see and photograph them.’

Via Daily Mail