Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

The Capture-ID mobile scanner is wireless, accurate, and quick for digital capture of documents and identity information away from the desk.  This saves time, improves productivity, and reduces the risk and cost of handling paper.  It is capable of scanning very close to its left edge, allowing capture of information close into the inside edge of a book, reducing the curvature distortion and strain on the binding typical of copiers and other scanners.  Paralegals, insurance agents, realtors, and others can capture documents at their client’s site where a copier is unavailable and take it with them immediately.  Two scans are stitched together to form a letter-size page, three scans for a legal-size page.  (Pics)


The Capture-ID™ mobile scanner is also ideal for capturing small-format personal identification such as business cards, driver’s licenses, passports, insurance cards and notes.  Its flat bed accommodates items that won’t feed through a sheet-feeder or wand.  Security, medical offices, hotel registration, public events (concerts, sports), and many others can now provide digital ID retention, archiving, searching, and instant verification ‘in the cloud’ rather than visual or paper copy.


With its vertical stand, the Capture-ID™ mobile scanner takes up little desk space and can easily be accommodated in confined work spaces such as at an attended airport check-in kiosk, in a bar, or the check-in desk at a medical office or hotel.  Work stations for identity verification oftentimes use a conventional copier, and the attendant is tasked with making copies of both sides of the ID card. Copiers require large desk space, use AC power, and produce paper that needs to be filed.  The WiFi SD card along with battery power eliminates the need to run wiring to the desk or kiosk and still allow the scanner to continuously upload captured images to a server or to the ‘cloud’ for instant recording and verification.

capture id 1

capture id 2

Via Rocky Mountain Ventures