Flash UV

Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

Flash UV is a revolutionary Ultraviolet Curing Technology for wood floors.  This technology allows the finish to cure instantly through the help of Photoinitiators (P.I.).  It provides a high-quality, more durable, chemical resistant finish that is ready for immediate use.


After Flash UV is applied to a prepared surface, the finish remains uncured until it is exposed to high levels of UV light.  The P.I.’s in the finish create a photochemical reaction and cross-linking process that hardens (cures) the liquid finish instantly.

flash uv 1

Flash UV cured finish has increased finish clarity, is eco-friendly, low VOC, highly durable and ready for immediate traffic after curing.

Drying Times:

  • Flash UV cures = 1 second
  • Water-Borne Finish cures = 48 hours
  • Oil-Modified Finish cures = 14 days

Flash UV is the fastest, most efficient way for you to get back on your floor. 

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