Live crab vending machine

There’s a new vending machine in China that can get you your Shanghai Hairy Crab fix, no live attendant required.  (Video)


The inside of the machine is kept at 5 degrees celsius, a temperature cold enough to make the crabs go into a state of hibernation. A sign states that all the crabs in the machine are fresh: if the crab is dead-on-arrival, they promise to give you three free crabs.

Converted into yen, the prices for the crabs range between 120 and 600 yen (depending on size). By cutting out the cost of store personnel, the seller can offer the crabs at 30% less than the usual price.

The Chinese man who came up with the idea for the vending machine enthusiastically declares that he is ready to consider offers if there is demand for his product in Japan.

The second half of the video focuses on Japanese vending machines. It shows us the banana vending machine inside Shibuya station, as well as a bar that is equipped with sake vending machines.

The bad economy has caused the overall number of vending machines in Japan to drop: perhaps newer and more awesome vending machines will save the industry?

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