Falling in love only takes .2 seconds.

Falling in love can take as little as one-fifth of a second. And it’s like cocaine.  So says a study out of Syracuse University, which posits that falling love puts 12 areas of the brain to work. And when this happens, it sparks a flood of euphoria-inducing chemicals – oxytocin, dopamine, adrenaline and vasopression.

The researchers also learned that couples who had recently fallen love had particularly high levels of nerve growth factor, which they noted plays an important role in the phenomenon of love at first sight. Lead author Stephanie Ortigue says in a press release that the findings show that “love has a scientific basis” and can aid therapists and doctors to help their love-sick patients.

“By understanding why they fall in love and why they are so heartbroken, they can use new therapies,” she says.

Via Los Angeles Times