Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

The V-Mail Address is a permanent address that will stay the same no matter where you live or move. It can be an email address,domain name, or even a phone number. It is simple to say, type, and store. No more: street number, street, apt #, city, state, and zip. 


The V-Mail Address would replace the standard street address on an envelope or package and would be scanned by OCR equipment that is already in use in post oces. A database would retrieve the user’s current street address and its corresponding bar code would be printed on the item. The bar code will still be referenced to get items to the correct city, the correct route, and sorted in the correct order for delivery. A portion of the street address can be printed for the carrier’s benefit. A Check-sum can be added to the V-Mail address to ensure an accurate read. Users enter and update their street address from their online account.


  • Automatic and seamless mail forwarding.
  • Privacy – No need to disclose location.
  • Security – Items can be sent to a screening area first.
  • People can sign-up voluntarily.
  • V-Mail Addresses are easy to say, type and store.
  • Automated tracking of shipped items.
  • Only valid, standard addresses are allowed in the system.
    (No cost for failed deliveries or erroneous addresses.)

Via HoldenArt