Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase

Power*OTG was founded to develop the idea of providing improvement to the quality of service at health care facilities and quality of life for people with disabilities in general and with dependency on accessibility of medical supplies and services in every day activities.

Power*OTG has developed an intelligent docking station for Powered Medical Carts that provides safe and ergonomic cart’s battery charging and critical metrics :



  • Specific cart location during charging
  • Charging time and charging statistics
  • Time of last charge when in use
  • Ergonomic power delivery and safety protection

Power*OTG is developing an Information Mesh Network (Power*OTG Grid) for:

  • Medical carts and assets tracking
  • Work flow management
  • Patient supervision

Ergo Dock – why?

Power*OTG have discovered that the health care facilities personnel is unsatisfied with some functionality elements of the Powered Medical Carts.

  • Most hospital have deployed mobile electronic devices, medical record computers, IV pumps, vital sign data acquisition systems and similar on a mobile carts.
  • Many of these carts use chargeable batteries to supply power to the on-board device(s).
  • The discipline to ensure full charging of batteries, the status of the charge as well as the knowledge of a carts location often become problematic.
  • Insufficient ergonomics of carts are the source of  many work related injuries.

Via Power*OTG