Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase

Alluvial Joules Smart Shoe is a wireless dynamic sensor system embedded in the training shoe for force, power and energy measurement during exercise or training.


Our system is based on a patent pending technology and solves fundamental problems of human physical performance measurements even in situations when there is no direct and continuous power link between the human body and the reference platform such as the surface of the road.

Our System is comprised of:

  • Real time multi sensor measurement system
  • Embedded data preprocessing and storage
  • Wireless and wired connectivity with computing platform
  • Scientific data interpretation
  • Indicative and comprehensive biometric feedback system
  • Graphical and parametric data visualization

Alluvial Joules, Inc. is developing a new technology for dynamic motion detection, human activity analysis and physical performance measurement.  They have designed very unobtrusive and easy to use devices and equipment that provide real measurements of the power and cumulative energy output instead of indirect estimates.  Their technology is initially focusing on the Track and Field sport disciplines and can be very well used in all other sports, as well as in medical and industrial applications, where the dexterity and physical performance needs to be measured and optimized.

Via Alluvial Joules