Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase

ConstruKs are containers that can be stacked in any configuration and can be made of many materials (permanent to biodegradable).They are used for many purposes – including architectural/structural.  They use what nature has to offer for ballast material to fill/stabilize the matrix. Ex: sand, gravel and even the flood water itself (liquids require a membrane).

Revetments, or revêtiments (the original French word, meaning something to re-cloth or re-cover), have a variety of meanings in architecture, engineering and art history. In stream restoration, river engineering or coastal management, they are sloping structures placed on banks or cliffs in such a way as to absorb the energy of incoming water. In military engineering they are structures, again sloped, formed to secure an area from artillery, bombing, or stored explosives. In architecture they are a variety of structures, normally vertical, used to retain a wall, or sometimes just to decorate it. River or coastal revetments are usually built to preserve the existing uses of the shoreline and to protect the slope, as defense against erosion.


Construks is a novel device (Pat. Pend.) that can be used in all such applications and made from any suitable material to provide the desired structural, longevity, or bio-chemical benefits. It can utilize any available material as ballast including soil, sand, gravel, or the flood water itself.



Architecture:  building façade; fencing/dividers; sculpture; planters;

Construction: {potential re-use of aggregate from rubble for re-construction (ex: Haiti)} retaining walls; foundations; re-surfacing; reinforcing; quake-resistance

Environmental/Land Mgt: treatments/absorptions; planters/landscaping; provide purification (cascades/filters) check dams for runoff (after fires); provide bio-chemical

FLOOD CONTROL dams/levees using water as ballast/ease of usage/reuse
River gabions; waterway mgt.; bio-degradable/erosion control; fish ladders
Coastal seawall; jetties; shoreline/sand dunes; dredging/landfill; barrier reefs

Military/Defense: barricades; bunkers; vehicle/crowd/explosion control; road base

Traffic/Highway: barricades; temporary highway dividers; road-racing boundaries

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