Hoola Hoop exercise

Hula hoops, popular with children from the 1950s to the 1980s, are now being marketed as an exercise tool thanks in part to the hugely successful Wii Fit video game sold by Nintendo, which encouraged players to spin hoops around their hips in time to an animated person on screen.  Spinning a weighted hula hoop around your waist is expected to become the latest exercise craze for those people who do not want to leave the comfort of their sitting room.


Now, Tesco, the country’s biggest supermarket is selling a weighted hula hoop, which it claims can burn off 200 calories in half an hour if spun continually by the user.

The bright purple and blue hoop includes a weight that is aimed at helping the user to tone lower back and stomach muscles. The exercise hoop weighs 3lbs compared with a normal one which is just 10 ounces.

Zina Goode, a leisure manager at Tesco Direct, said: “Lounge fitness is a huge new trend. Houses and apartments are getting smaller and not everyone has space to have a room of the house devoted to gym equipment.

“Gym memberships can be expensive but there’s no need to leave the house now. Weighted hula hoops are the next big thing and will certainly be snapped up this Christmas.”

Hula hooping as exercise has taken off in America, with actress Liv Tyler and Michelle Obama, the First Lady, both fans of the spinning plastic rings around their waist. In Britain an increasing number of gyms are offering hula hoop classes as an alternative to aerobics.

Via Telegraph