sno pro

Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

The Mobile Sno Pro is your one all around tool to get you out of a jam and keep you on the move!  With the Mobile Sno Pro you have a collapsible full size combo shovel, Brush broom and Ice Scraper to aid you in removing snow from and around your vehicle. (pics)


All pieces attach with the push button release system designed for the Mobile Sno Pro. Easily disassembled for storage with minimal space used in any car, truck or SUV. Manufactured out of recycled ABS plastic and aluminum alloy products.

sno pro 1

  • Transportable, rigid and reliable
  • Easy to use handigrip
  • Fits in car, SUV and  truck 
  • Heavy duty vehicles
  • Optional convenient shovel
  • Brush and ice scraper

sno pro 2

sno pro 3

sno pro 5

sno pro 8

sno pro 9

sno pro 10

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