Limbs, limbs, everywhere!

Unlike the red-light district in Amsterdam, which caters to men and women in search of sex, the Artificial Limb District of South Korea caters to men, women, and children in need of arms, legs, feet, toes, fingers, eyes, breasts, and more.

Reporter Harmon Leon from the Smoking Jacket recently stumbled upon an entire section of Seoul dedicated to the sale of handcrafted artificial limbs. Dubbed the Artificial Limb District, this unusual neighborhood hosts nine such shops, each stocked with piles and piles of limbs.

What makes this so fascinating is that, for one, these limbs have been handcrafted…

Most artificial limbs are created using high-tech technology. Another notable aspect is that there are nine shops catering to the exact same type of customer. As Harmon noted, it’s like they “want to steal each others’ customers.”

Regardless, here are some more photos.




For more information, feel free to read Harmon’s full article, and make sure you check out all the creepy pictures!

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