Nintendo statistics indicate there are now 10.7 million Wii’s in Japan with 40% of them connected to the Internet. Of these 40%, 85% of owners have the system connected to their living room television.

As of November 1, Nintendo has instituted a direct sales service called “Wii no Ma Shopping,” which is a part of the system’s Wii no Ma video channel.

The new channel allows Japanese Wii owners to buy exclusive items in a ‘mall like’ environment

A haven for shopaholics, the new channel is open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week…

Three Japanese suppliers, Senshukai, Senshukai Iihana and Shachata Isetan Mitsukoshi, have provided the many diverse products available (over 10,000 items) and they range from food and fashion-related items to furniture.

This heretofore untapped market represents a large number of people who could possibly connect and buy goods on a regular basis from this new online store.

Consumers were already able to use their Wii as shopping vehicles to buy WiiWare and Virtual Console games. Now the system is open for buying real life goods as well.

The service will be joint-operated by Nintendo Subsidiary Wii no Ma and Osaka-based direct sales firm Senshukai. Goods and products can be purchased directly to Wii owners from suppliers as if the entire transaction was made in an actual shopping mall.

According to Nintendo, other retail giants will soon be supporting this new service.

The service claims that it offers exclusive items that will not be sold elsewhere, and that the convenience of being able to make payments via credit cards, cash on delivery and at nearby convenience stores will be a tug many consumers will find hard to resist.

Caveat emptor to all and to all a good…whatever.