Deflexion silicone armor

If you like to live dangerously you know that solid body armor is the way to go for maximum protection. A new type of fabric can instantly transform into hard armor when somebody hits you, while remaining soft and flexible the rest of the time.



The fabric is called Deflexion, and it’s made by Dow Corning, the same guys who probably made the silicon that’s running your computer right now. The Deflexion material is also made from silicon, except it’s been polymerized into flexible silicone sheets with a special molecular structure. Most of the time, the molecules in the silicone move around each other freely, but if something hits them, the molecules bunch up and instantly turn solid. This absorbs and disperses the impact, just like a solid piece of armor would.

This kind of insta-hard thing has been done with gooey polymers before, but Deflexion is more like a fabric. It’s breathable, washable, durable, works in any sort of weather, and you can cut it to size or stitch multiple layers together if you need extra protection.

You can buy products made with Deflexion in the form of protective vests and shoes, but there are lots more potential applications. If I had to, you know, just dream one up, I’d like to see protective cases, say, iPhones, to keep them safe when you somehow run them over with your own car.

Via Dvice