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Any science student knows how exciting a career in one of the sciences can be. Indeed, there are always interesting discoveries being made and technological advances moving forward. Breakthroughs occur regularly, making for an interesting job — if you can find one.

The good news is that scientists are often in demand. You can usually find a good science job, especially if you know where to look. If you are looking for a information about science jobs, these 50 blogs about careers in science can be a good place to start:

General Science Career Blogs

These blogs are full of information about science careers, as well as offering insights and tips.

1.  Science Careers Blog: This great blog goes over career opportunities, and provides the latest news for job seekers.
2.  Jobs for PhDs: This blog from offers information on available jobs for scientists. The site also has access to helpful career information.
3.  BioJobBlog: You can find information about different jobs in the biological sciences.
4.  ScienceBlogs: This site offers interesting commentary on scientific issues, and includes information about careers in science.
5.  Science careers: This category at OITE Career Blog offers a look at different science careers, and provides tips for preparing for a science job.
6.  APECS: The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists offers news and information about the career opportunities to scientists interested in polar issues.
7.  Alternative Science Careers: Job openings and other resources for those looking for science careers.
8.  ScienceCareerSite: Tips, news and more related to science careers.
9.  American Biotechnologist: Information about careers, as well as news in science. Great tips about how you can enhance your career.
10. Society of Physics Students: This site contains great posts that can help you with career development, and includes jobs as well.
11. Careers: offers a great look at different careers, and offers news and information about science.
12. ACS Careers: Insights into what’s available in the world of chemistry careers.
13. Career Development for Scientists: Lisa Balbes offers solid information and advice for scientists looking for tips to help their career development.
14. CENtral Science: One stop for science news, career information, and trends in science jobs. A wide variety of posts on a number of interesting subjects.
15. The Alternative Scientist: Jobs and career news related to alternative science.
16. New Scientist: Science headlines, career information, science jobs and interesting discussions.

Tech Career Blogs

If you are interested in technology, you can read some of these blogs to learn more about what is like when you have a tech career.

17. Dice: This job search site is aimed at those interested in technology. Includes a section on career news.
18. eWeek Careers: A look at the news related to technology.
19. Responsible Nanotechnology: Before you start a career in nanotech, it’s a good idea to learn more about ethical issues.
20. Nanotechnology: News from the world of nanotech. Also includes plenty of information on careers and job issues.
21. Soft Machines: Look into the future of nanotechnology, and consider careers in this field.
22. Jason’s Computer Science Blog: A look at what is happening in computer science, and includes information about getting through school, and tips about computer science careers.
23. Tech Careers: Learn more about the job skills needed for a career in various technology fields.
24. Information Technology Career: Tips, information and hints for IT jobs.
25. WuShu: Information technology news, and discussion about tech issues. Includes some helpful information about careers.

Medical Career Blogs

Medical science provides interesting opportunities. If you want to know more about careers in various medical fields, these blogs can be of help.

26. Dr. Shock MD PhD: This blog is aimed at providing interesting discussion for medical scientists. A great look issues in the science of medicine.
27. Manchester Medical Students’ Career Blog: Get interesting information about different medical careers and tips.
28. The latest technology related imaging technology. Also includes a career center, and other resources for professionals.
29. Dave’s Radiology Student’s Page: Radiology students can get help with career information, and other useful resources.
30. The Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Medicine Podcast: If you are interested nuclear medicine. An interesting look at medical science. You can also listen to interviews with people who do well in the field.
31. Technician careers: Most of the jobs and career resources on this blog are aimed at medical technicians.
32. Health Careers Blog: Find out more about different careers in health fields.
33. Non-Clinical Medical Jobs: An interesting look at medical jobs that are not related to working in a clinic. A way to find travel jobs as a medical science worker.
24. Radiology 101: Notes on radiology, career hints, and the latest news and techniques.
25. Science-Based Medicine: Information about the ties between science and medicine. Also includes some information on careers. Always interesting.
26. Medical science raises ethical questions. If you are interested in ethically pursuing your career, you can get more information from this blog.
37. Medical Science Blog: News and headlines about what’s happening in the science world, as well as information that can help you in your career.

Academic and Research Blogs

Learn more about science in academia, and learn more about a career in science research.

38. PhD2Published: Scientists can get tips on publication in academia.
39. Vitae: Helpful tips for researchers looking to advance their professional careers.
40. This site is aimed specifically at science jobs in academia and research, as well as in management.
41. Queen Mary Researchers Careers Blog: Job opportunities, and tips on job hunting for researchers.
42. Research Jobs: A helpful resource for those focusing on a science research career.
43. Issues Relevant to Careers in Scientific Research: A blog with interesting information about science research.
44. Find information on research headlines as well as helpful information about careers.
45. Impact Lab: Great look at research, and information and resources for scientists.
46. Science teacher: Interested in teaching science? This high school teacher offers insights into a career as a science instructor.
47. Making Science Fun: Look for a career in teaching science, and learn about how you can make science more interesting for your students.
48. Science Fix: A great blog for career science teachers. Plenty of hints and helps as you develop into a great science teacher.
49. Female Science Professor: Insight into what it’s like to work as a scientist in academia at a large research university. Career insights from someone who lives it.
50.Careers blog for postgraduates: A blog about postgrad careers. Includes post doc positions, including those in science.

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